Explore the remarkable
world of sea urchins.

Explore the remarkable
world of sea urchins.

This incredible book aims to fill a gap in the sea urchin field by visually demonstrating the diversity of colour, form and sculpture of worldwide shallow and deep water sea urchins. “Sea Urchins of The World” will educate, fascinate and delight readers for years to come.

In compiling this gorgeous and detailed 112pg book, Ashley has prepared and photographed over 100 of the highest quality specimens. All the scientific names are given, including brief descriptions on locality, depth and approximate size.

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Genus / Species: Coelopleurus longicollis

Family: Arbaciidae.
Author: A. Agassiz and H.L. Clark, 1908.
Locality: Bohol, Philippines.
Habitat: Trawled, 150m.

Genus / Species: Amblypneustes formosus

Family: Temnopleuridae.
Author: Valenciennes, 1846.
Locality: South Australia.
Habitat: Seagrass, shallow water.

Genus / Species: Heliocidaris erythrogramma

Family: Echinometridae.
Author: (Valenciennes, 1846).
Locality: Edward Bay, South Australia.
Habitat: Subtidal on limestone reef.

Genus / Species: Amblypneustes ovum

Family: Temnopleuridae.
Author: (Lamarck, 1816).
Locality: Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.
Habitat: Shallow water on seagrass.

Genus / Species: Temnopleurus alexandri

Family: Temnopleuridae.
Author: (Bell, 1884).
Locality: Botany Bay, Sydney, NSW.
Habitat: Seagrass, 6m depth.

Genus / Species: Arbacia dufresnii

Family: Arbaciidae.
Author: (Blainville, 1825).
Locality: Puerto Madryn, Argentina.
Habitat: Subtidal on reef.

Genus / Species: Mespilia globulus

Family: Temnopleuridae.
Author: (Linnaeus, 1758).
Locality: Oslob-Cebu, Philippines.
Habitat: Trawled, 40m.

Genus / Species: Podophora atratus

Family: Echinometridae.
Author: (Linnaeus, 1758).
Locality: Jember, East Java, Indonesia.
Habitat: Surge zone on hard substrate.

Genus / Species: Goniocidaris tubaria

Family: Cidaridae.
Author: (Lamarck, 1816).
Locality: Eyre Peninsula, South Australia.
Habitat: Sand / rock sea floor, 5-8m.

Genus / Species: Holopneustes purpurascens

Family: Temnopleuridae.
Author: A. Agassiz, 1872.
Locality: Diamond Beach South, NSW.
Habitat: Kelp, 3m.

Genus / Species: Holopneustes inflatus

Family: Temnopleuridae.
Author: (A. Agassiz, 1872).
Locality: Botany Bay, NSW.
Habitat: Kelp / seagrass, 2-3m.

Genus / Species: Prionocidaris annulifera

Family: Cidaridae.
Author: (A.Agassiz, 1873).
Locality: Nocnocan Is, Philippines.
Habitat: Sandy sea floor amongst algae

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